“Bowser Koopa is the Hero!?” The First Full Orchestra Concert of Super Mario Series in Japan

August 06 , 2018

Phonex Communications Inc., headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, represented by Tomoyuki Inoue, hosts the first full orchestra concert of the beloved Super Mario series by Nintendo in Japan, as part of “KYOTO CMEX2018” (Executive Committee of KYOTO Cross Media Experience chaired by Shigeru Saito) , a Kyoto-based contents festival.

It presents all-time favorite Super Mario Bros. songs of all generations with supreme sound by orchestra. From the first “Super Mario Bros.” released in 1985 for Famicon (NES) to the latest “Super Mario Odyssey” for Nintendo SwitchTM , this concert is directed with rich musical production, dedicated to all Super Mario fans.

In this “Bowser Koopa is the Hero!?” performance, Bowser Koopa plays a key role as titled. Focused around the songs of fight scenes with Bowser Koopa, it offers an experience to enjoy the powerful orchestra sound.


“Koopa is the Her Protagonist!?” Super Mario Orchestra Concert
Date & Show Time: Saturday, September 15th - 18:00
Sunday, September 16th - 13:00 & 17:00
Venue: ROHM Theatre Kyoto Main Hall
Price: S seat - 8,500 yen / A seat – 6,800 yen / Student Discount seat – 1,000 yen
(*All Seats Reserved / *Preschool children are not allowed in.)
Sponsored by: Phonex Communications Inc. & KYOTO CMEX
Directed by: Erika Fukasawa
Conducted by: Taizo Takemoto
Supervised by: Nintendo Co., Ltd

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Ticket Pia (Japanese only)

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*Performance contents are subject to change without notice.

◆ Musical Director
Erika Fukazawa has produced and arranged more than 40 performances, with overseas performances in Paris and Shanghai. She has joined as orchestrator for NHK Music Festival since 2016, directed and arranged for various films and performances including “Your Name.” directed by Makoto Shinkai, “SAZANKA “ by SEKAI NO OWARI, and “Mori no Ongakukai” by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra & Kemono Friends.

◆ Conductor
Taizo Takemoto won second place in Herbert von Karajan onductors' Concours, Japan in 1977.
He has been widely active from classical to game music at the forefront, conducted and produced concerts with projected images, such as “Roman Holiday”, “Fantasia” and “Tom and Jerry”.
He also conducted “Famitsu Presents PRESS START -Symphony of Games-“, over 10 years from 2006.