The December Kabuki Program in Kyoto started at the Minamiza Theatre on 1st December!

December 04 , 2018

The December Kabuki Program in Kyoto at the refurbished Minamiza Theatre started on 1st December.

The newly written ‘maneki kanban’ (‘maneki’ signboards) with the names of actors performing in the December Kabuki Program (the Festive Kaomise Production) are there to welcome you into the theatre! Please be sure to take a look at them when entering the theatre.

When the Festive Kaomise Production is held at the Minamiza Theatre, ‘maneki kanban’ (‘maneki’ signboards) are set above the main entrance of the theatre building. The word ‘maneku’ means ‘to beckon’ in Japanese, and so these ‘maneki’ signboards also imply beckoning customers. The shape is also unique: a small roof in the form of the character ‘入’ (‘iri’) is fixed above each signboard. ‘入’ is a Chinese character which means ‘to go in’, so the shape is made in the hopes that many customers will ‘go in’ to the theatre. The names of the actors are written in a style called ‘Kantei-ryū’. Characters written in ‘Kantei-ryū’ calligraphy are thickly brushed, leaving hardly any spaces between each line. Just as the characters ‘fill’ their space, so it is hoped that the theatre will also be ‘filled’ with customers.

Special English Fliers have been made for these performances! You can pick up the fliers at the Minamiza Theatre, Kyoto Tourist Information and other Tourist Information centers run by Kyoto City. If you are planning to come to Kyoto, please check them out! The English audio supporting guides are available for this performance.

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