The official booking website for the Jidai Matsuri Festival is opened today!

September 10 , 2015

Special viewing seat tickets* (2,050 yen) are available for purchase at the following official booking website!

The Jidai Matsuri Festival is one of Kyoto’s famous three great festivals, together with the Aoi Festival and the Gion Festival. In 1895, 1000 years after the imperial capital of Japan was moved to Kyoto, (originally called Heian-kyo) the Heian Jingu Shrine was built in dedication to Kanmu, the 50th emperor of Japan, and the first Festival of the Ages was celebrated at that time with a parade held by the civil organization “Heian Kosha” that displayed the cultural product of over 1000 years from the Enryaku period up to the Meiji period. Approximately 2,000 people dress in costume appropriate to each era of the 1000-year period, and walk or ride in a gorgeous procession that extends over a distance of 2 kilometers, led by the flutes and drums of the Yamagunitai, and allowing observers to see visions of eras of Kyoto’s history long past.