We are accepting applications for Traditional Theater Training 2018!! *** Application Period & Deadline April 30th ***

April 10 , 2018

Traditional Theater Training is a three-week summer intensive training program that introduces the traditional arts of noh, kyogen, and Nihonbuyō (there is also a short course on offer for kotsuzumi [hourglass-shaped hand drum, played on shoulder]). The program is based on the practice-recital approach, and aims to allow participants from all over the world to learn the skills and spirit of traditional performing arts.

T.T.T. invites artists, students, and researchers seeking profound knowledge of Japanese traditional performing arts. Nationality, gender, and age are unimportant. You will be able to fulfill your curiosity about Japanese traditional performing arts by experiencing their rich skills and spirit through intensive, daily practice with masters in Kyoto, the traditional heart of Japan.

◆Orientation & Training:Kyoto Art Center
◆Recital:Oe Noh Theater

◆Orientation:July 18 2018 (Wed) 17:00- (venue: Kyoto Art Center)
◆Training:July 19 2018 (Thu)- August 9 (Thu) (venue: Kyoto Art Center)
◆Recital:August 10 2018 (Fri) (venue: Oe Noh Theater)


Regular Price:Genaral 90,000 yen,Student 85,000 yen

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