Kyoto Travel Guida


*** A Message from the City of Kyoto : A new law regarding Minpaku (private lodgings) has been enacted. ***

June 15 , 2018

A new law regarding Minpaku (private lodgings), called the Private Lodging Business Law, has been enacted as of June 15, 2018, legalizing private lodging services following conditions set out in the aforementioned law.
The new law has introduced regulations on private lodging business owners to secure the safety and peace of mind of Minpaku users and to maintain harmony with local residents.
Legal Minpaku are to display a certification label, as shown below, and are required to display their registration number on reservation websites.
For your safety, please check if Minpaku have displayed this registration number when making a reservation, and also confirm that the certification label has been posted on the entrance of the accommodation when entering.