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【Forecast of Harsh Rain in Western Japan (Kansai region), Take Strong Caution of Landslides in Earthquake-Affected Regions】

June 18 , 2018

Rainfall is expected to begin in the Kansai region towards the evening of June 19th and is predicted to become extremely harsh on the 20th. As a result of the earthquake that occurred on Monday, June 18th, there is the threat of landslides within impacted regions due to the loosened ground. No matter if the rain is light in your area, please stay alert at all times and stay away from steep slopes and slanted surfaces. In addition, please avoid going outdoors unless absolutely necessary, and if you ever feel any amount of danger, be sure to actively evacuate to a safe location.

In regions that experienced strong effects from Monday’s earthquake, there is a chance that another earthquake, around magnitude 6 (of 7 on the Japanese scale), will occur again within the next week, so please stay alert, cautious, and prepared at all times.