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The booking website for 2018 Jidai Matsuri Festival is open!

August 28 , 2018

Jidai Matsuri Festival is one of the three Kyoto's most important festivals held in autumn. The procession starts with soldiers from the Bakumatsu (the end of the Edo period), proceeding Kyoto's main street playing flutes. The procession will be followed by the participants wearing each historical period's costume from the Edo period, Azuchi Momoyama, Yoshino, Muromachi, Kamakura, Fujiwara, then to Enryaku. A colorful, exotic costume party dedicated to the Old Capital's 1,100-year history from the 8th to 19th century.
The 2-km procession which consists of about 2,000 people (including 70 horses, 2 oxen, horse cart and sacred carriages) departs from the Imperial Palace and slowly makes its way through the streets of Kyoto taking about 2 hours. The fantastic range of authentic historical costumes worn by the participants will fascinate audience.

For viewing the procession, the charged seats are recommended which will be set at the Kyoto Imperial Palace, Oike Street and Heian Jingu Shrine.
Fee: 2,600 yen (all seats reserved with brochure)

For more comfortable experience, reserved seats with English audio guide are recommended which will be set at Oike Street.
Fee: 4,400 yen (all seats reserved with brochure)

◆ The tickets are available for purchase at the following booking website. ◆

Information regarding whether the Jidai Matsuri Festival will be held will be available on official Facebook page “Visit Kyoto” on 6:30am on Monday, Oct. 22nd.
Visit Kyoto:

・Please make use of the public transport to come to the Jidai Matsuri Festival.
・To exit from Kyoto Gyoen National Garden, walk to Karasuma Street (the west side) to avoid a crowd at Sakaimachi gate (the south side) after the procession.
・Please follow the police instructions to prevent accidents.

◎For more information about the Jidai Matsuri Festival, see the following website:

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