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Japanese Ryokan: Momijiya

October 13 , 2015

Visitors who want to experience the Japanese way of lodging, might want to try to stay at a Ryokan. Often luxurious with an Onsen or bath attached, Ryokans offer Japanese food and traditional Japanese-style rooms.
Momijiya is a Ryokan located in the mountainous Takao area in Northern Kyoto. The area is characterized by the clear Kiyotaki River which flows between the mountains and divides the main building of the Ryokan from the annex, which can be reached by crossing a suspension bridge. Named after the Japanese maple tree, Momiji, the Ryokan offers beautiful scenery in autumn, when the leaves turn bright red. During summer, meals can be enjoyed on terraces above the river. Meals at Momijiya are seasonal Kyoto delicacies with Ayu (sweetfish) fished from the Kiyotaki River during summer, mushrooms and eel during autumn and warming hotpot dishes during the winter.
The region also offers some sightseeing with several Buddhist temples within walking distance from the Ryokan. Afterwards guests might enjoy the open air and private baths of the Ryokan that also offer views of the maple trees and Kiyotaki River below.