Kyoto Travel Guida


Imamiya Shrine and Aburimochi

November 06 , 2015

Imamiya Shrine is located in the Northern part of Kyoto near Daitokuji Temple. Surrounded by greenery, people come to this shrine to pray for good health, luck and match-making. Just outside the Eastern gate of the shrine is a small street with two small shops that specialize in Aburimochi. Aburimochi is a form of mochi (rice cake), which is coated in kinako (roasted soybean flour), roasted over hot coals and then served with a sweet sauce made from white miso. It is especially delicious with a cup of green tea.
At Imamiya Shrine you can chose between two shops: Kazuriya or Ichiwa, both of which have a history spanning back centuries. Not just the history of the two shops but also the history of their rivalry spans back centuries and continues to this day while they sell Aburimochi right opposite each other every day. Why not relax on the sun-lit veranda of one of the two shops after a visit to Imamiya shrine and eat some Aburimochi.