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The Kyoto State Guest House is now open to the public.

July 19 , 2016

The Kyoto State Guest House opened in April 2005 as a facility to receive foreign dignitaries invited as official guests by the Japanese Government. It was established in Kyoto, the cradle of Japanese culture and tradition, with the intent of promoting understanding of Japan. The Kyoto State Guest House offers a sense of hospitality based on Japan’s unique culture. Starting July 21, 2016, Kyoto State Guest House will be open to the public. However, on some days the Kyoto State Guest House may not be open to the public due to sudden visits of dignitaries or other operational reasons. Moreover, there are some regulations. Please check the Website before visiting to enjoy the Guest House for sure.


Kyoto is the cradle of Japanese culture. While handing down the finest traditions, Kyoto has continued to accept advanced cultures and refine our aesthetic awareness. Kyoto State Guest House has a role in providing a Japanese-style relaxing atmosphere for foreign dignitaries, and promoting the culture of Japan and Kyoto to the world with the spirit of Shitsurai (seasonal arrangements) and Omotenashi (hospitality) cultivated in Kyoto

The Kyoto State Guest House sells gifts bearing the Paulowina Seal, the seal of the government of Japan including notebooks and items made by traditional Kyoto artisans. These items are exclusively sold here at the Kyoto State Guest House.
Also, we plan to introduce new items periodically. However, because we have limited quantities of the handmade items, we ask for your understanding that some items may occasionally be sold out.

Address: 23 Kyoto-Gyoen, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City
Access: Kyoto City Bus:About a 6-minute walk from ‘Furitsu-Idai Byoin mae’ bus stop (Recommend to use Route No.4, 17, and 205 via Kawaramachi Street from Kyoto Station)
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (reception closed at 4:20 pm)
Price: Adult 1,000 yen, junior high-school and high school students 500 yen