Kyoto Travel Guida



January 12 , 2017

Enjoy a special offer on luggage delivery services

Kyoto is full of beautiful places hidden away in every corner of the city, so the best method to explore the ancient streets is on foot. Visitors who have just arrived at Kyoto Station can drop of suitcases and heavy bags at one of three drop off points in and around the station. While the bags are delivered to the hotel in time for check in, visitors can start exploring and visiting sites without having to carry around heavy luggage.

By printing out the flyer below and bringing it to one of the delivery services, customers can get their luggage delivered for the special price of 650yen per piece. The offer is valid from 1 January till 20 March.

There are three luggage delivery services in and around Kyoto station:

JR Kyoto Station Carry Service
Reception: 8am – 2pm
Price: 750yen/suitcase

JR Kyoto Station Shinkansen Hachijoguchi Delivery Service
Reception: 9am – 2pm
Price: 750yen/suitcase

Kotochika Kyoto City Bus/Subway Information Center
Reception: 7:30am – noon
Price: 900yen/suitcase

For more information on luggage delivery services, visit: