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Special Exhibition in Summer at Kyoto State Guest House ~ Coolness with bamboo works ~

July 31 , 2017

While Tanabata or Star festival is usually held in July, in accordance with the custom based on the old lunar calendar, it is held in August as one of the summer features in Kyoto and called as Kyo no Tanabata or Kyoto's Star festival.
"Star festival" is a Japanese festival held in summer as well as one of five season-related celebrations. This festival originated from the Chinese legend that only once a year, Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Alter) who were separated by the Milky Way would be allowed to meet. People celebrate this day by hanging small pieces of paper written wishes or "haiku" poems with other colorful decorations on bamboo branches.
Associated with this Star festival, the Kyoto State Guest House will show the seasonal arrangement displays with bamboo works from 8 (Tue) to 22 (Tue) August. Various types of bamboo works have been applied to the flower vase or decorative stands. Please enjoy these refined and sophisticated bamboo works and find out your favorite one.
Meanwhile, the Milky Way's lighting effect will be seen for the first time in the Yubae no Ma.
Please come to experience the unique Star festival held in the Kyoto State Guest House and get the feeling of coolness.

"Coolness with bamboo works" will be held from 8 (Tue) to 22 (Tue) August (Wednesday closed).

*Please note that the opening hours for 8 and 22 August vary as follow:
8 August: 12:00~17:00 (Last admission: 16:20)
22 August: 10:00~13:00 (Last admission: 12:20)

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