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Bonsai Exhibition in Nijo-jo Castle “KYOSAI”

September 12 , 2017

2017 was accepted as World Bonsai Year at the 8th World Bonsai Convention in Saitama, and as the Agency of Cultural Affairs, which is in charge of the protection of cultural properties and promotion of the arts, is also moving to Kyoto this year, it has been decided that Kyoto shall host a bonsai exhibition. Bonsai is a living traditional art in which Japan takes great pride, and the number of enthusiasts overseas is increasing. As this year is also the 150th Anniversary of the Restoration of Imperial Rule, it has been considered only suitable to hold this exhibition of the finest works at Nijo Castle, a World Heritage Site, Visitors will be able to enter the Ninomaru Palace Daidokoro, an Important Cultural Property, which is not usually open to the general public.

Encompassing the meaning of decorating the ancient capital, Kyoto, with bonsai, this exhibition was named Bonsai Exhibition in Nijo Castle “Kyosai” and we look forward to your visit.


Venue: Former Imperial Palace Nijo Castle, Kyoto, JAPAN [Around Ninomaru Palece]
Exhibition Period: September 22nd (Fri) - 24th (Sun) of 2017 (Only 3 days)
Opening Time: 8: 45 - 16:00 (Castle Closed 17: 00)
Admission fee: Free (But admission fee for Nijo Castle〔600 yen〕 will be needed)

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