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20th Anniversary of the Serialization of ONE PIECE special event!

October 06 , 2017

Special event: The Kyoto “Straw Hat” Travelogue - Another WANOKUNI
A grand adventure that will take you all over Kyoto in search of the “Straw Hat” Pirates!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017 marks the 20th year anniversary of the serialization of ONE PIECE. In gratitude of 20 years of ONE PIECE, a special anniversary campaign is currently underway. As part of this, the ONE PIECE 20th x KYOTO - Kyoto “Straw Hat” Travelogue, Another WANOKUNI event will be held in Kyoto.
Kyoto can be said to be a real-life version of the WANOKUNI, a nation that appears in ONE PIECE. Also, Kyoto’s Kozanji Temple is home to the famous 12th – 13th century “Animal Caricatures” scrolls that are often said to be the first ancestor of Manga comics. Kyoto and ONE PIECE are working together to make this special event possible. We hope you will take this opportunity to visit Kyoto and enjoy our city!

■ Event dates: Saturday, October 7 – Sunday, October 22

■ Event Summary:
Find the members of the “Straw Hat” Pirates scattered all over the Kyoto Area!
The “Straw Hat” Pirates have made landfall in Kyoto City, and each of them have wandered off to their own place in the city. In the Kyoto “Straw Hat” Travelogue, Another WANOKUNI, it’s your job to track them down! You can travel to the places the “Straw Hat” Pirates visited all while enjoying sightseeing around Kyoto! (See map below)
Start by visiting city hall to get your official “warrant” and search instructions and get a character stamp at each location. If you can collect all of the stamps, you will get a special prize! Also, ONE PIECE memorabilia will be on display at each location, so don’t miss it! (Admission fees apply in some locations.)

① Kyoto City Hall
② Kyoto Station Building and Luffy
③ Mibudera Temple and Zoro
④ Kyoto Manga Museum and Usopp
⑤ Nikenchaya and Sanji
⑥ Kyoto Subway Tozai Line and Nami
⑦ Shogoin Yatsuhashi Central Head Office/nikiniki and Chopper
⑧ Nijojo Castle and Franky & Robin
⑨ Kurumazaki Jinja Shrine and Brook
⑩ ONE PIECE Art Nue Exhibition “The beast, the princess and the flower of promise” held at Daikakuji Temple