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New PR movie by Kyoto City "HEISEI KIZOKUⅡ" has released!!

October 18 , 2017

White faced performers called “HEISEI-KIZOKU” are seen in both traditional/contemporary Kyoto scenery, expressing Kyotoites’ unique lifestyle through animated dance.
The City of Kyoto has produced striking videos, promoting the city’s diverse cultural lifestyle.
video link: (120sec.),

With over 1200 years of history and a population of 1.47 million people including 10% college students, Kyoto is a top tourist destination and an alive, buzzing city. Local Kyotoites enjoy the traditional lifestyle like flower arrangement or calligraphy, which have deep relationships with the Zen mind. And yet it has become very westernized and accommodating in many regards.

In the videos, the ”HEISEI-KIZOKU” – who were nobles in the ancient “Heian” period are transported into the modern contemporary“Heisei” period in Kyoto. The white faced performers appear in various local venues like traditional temple and shrine, modern Kyoto station, relaxing riverside and so on where they show their animated dance. In one scene a performer is writing a letter with a calligraphy brush in a simple western room, a blending east and west.

“Actually, the HEISEI-KIZOKU dance group was first formed last year. Their impressive performance went viral on internet so we have been abele to reach the millennial generation something which was difficult to do for local governments.” said Yoshinori Nishida, the director of Promotion department, City of Kyoto. The success of the first(season1) videos prompted them to make season2 videos.

Mr. Nishida also points out, “The ancient city Kyoto is very popular with international tourists for its historical and romantic atmosphere. It is the cultural capital of Japan still now after over 1200 years. Kyoto lifestyle is a mix of traditional and contemporary cultures. Relax on a sofa and enjoy a cup of green tea served in a pottery tea set handmade by traditional craftspersons. That’s the real and interesting Kyoto. We hope that not only Japanese but foreign people including the millennial generation will also enjoy the HEISEI-KIZOKU videos and become interested in visiting Kyoto. We welcome you to our wonderful city, people, and culture.” .

<About City of Kyoto>
The City of Kyoto is located in the western part of Japan with 147.3million pop. The area covers 827.83 km2 . It has 17 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites and over 2,000 temples and shrines.

It received the honor of being rated as “The World’s Best City” in the “WORLD’S BEST AWARDS 2014” and “WORLD’S BEST AWARDS 2015” by “Travel+Leisure” magazine which is one of the world’s most influential travel magazines.

<About the performers>
The male performers of the HEISEI-KIZOKU dance group are part of TRIQSTAR dance performance team. It is one of the best known animation dance companies in JAPAN. Their performances have won global approval and one of the dancers joined a MADONNA’s PV and danced on stage on part of her world tour.

The women of the HEISEI-KIZOKU dance group have also done splendid performances including the closing ceremony at the last Olympic games and several famous commercial films.