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Kyoto Imperial Palace 2017 Autumn Special Exhibitions and Performances

October 27 , 2017

Beginning last year, Kyoto Imperial Palace was opened to the public for year-round viewing, but coming this November, for a limited-time, live performances of Imperial Court Music and Dances, and an ancient Kemari football game will be held, to further visitors’ understanding of Imperial House culture. Walk in the shoes of Heian Period nobles during this five-day event, passing through the same Gishuumon Gate that royalty of ages past used, and enter the emperor’s residence to peak in on portrayals of Heian Period rituals. Explore imperial court culture with limited-time displays of artifacts including ancient furnishings still preserved at the palace. Be sure to visit Kyoto Imperial Palace for this special event!

Period: November 1 (Wed.) to November 5 (Sun.) 2017
Hours: 9:00 to 15:20 (Admission until 15:20) Visitors are requested to leave by 16:00
Closed: October 30 (Mon.), October 31 (Tue.), November 6 (Mon.)and November 7 (Tue.) for preparation and cleanup

◆Flower Arrangement
◆Display of Dolls, Representation of Imperial Court Rituals of the Heian Period
◆Formal Attire in the Imperial Court
◆Imperial Chairs (Goishi) used by the Emperors

◆Gagaku (Imperial Court Music and Dance)
November 3 (Fri.) and November 4(Sat.) 10:00 & 11:00
On the stage in front of Shunkoden Palace
*In case of inclement weather, will be held at Jyomeimon Gate
◆Kemari (Ancient Football Game of the Imperial Court)
November 5 (Sun.) 10:00 & 11:00
On stage in front of Shunkoden Palace
*In case of inclement weather, will be held at Shinmikurumayose

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