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Murin-an Garden「Lantern night」-Meet the gardener and enjoy the autumn leaves.

November 07 , 2017

A Place of Scenic Beauty, opening its doors at night for a get together with the gardeners. Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of autumn leaves while chatting with the garden artisans.

Place: Murin-an Garden, Kyoto
Date: 18 - 23 November, 2017
Time: 17:30 - 21:00
Fee: 600 Yen (+400Yen for 2nd floor)
Details: At the peak of autumn foliage, Murin-an invites for a unique lantern night, telling anew the garden’s beauty and soothing charm.
In collaboration with light designer Nagamachi, the spotlights are set softly, lighting up the scenic points of the garden, while the artisans who daily nurture and care for the garden are at sight to elaborate on the Japanese garden.
There will be both lectures on the gardens as well as free talk sessions with the gardeners. Having received high acclaims for the garden lectures at the previous light up event in May, there will be 3 guides per evening this time (15min each).
In the free sessions, there will not only be the skilled garden artisan, but also the young apprentice attending. It will be a chance to talk freely about the gardeners work, the techniques and maintenances methods they apply or about episodes from their time as an apprentice.
This autumn we invite you to be part of a more personal and enriching autumn foliage night, a must see for both Japanese and foreign visitors.

Sponsor: Ueyakato Landscape (Designated management)
Patron: Kyoto City Tourism Association │ Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry │ Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau
Contact: Murin-an OfficeKyoto
606-8437 Kyoto, Sakyo-ku, Nanzen-ji, Kusakawacho 31
TEL & FAX: 075-771-3909