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Kimono, Tea Ceremony, Food Culture |Experience fascinating Kyoto

January 31 , 2019

Theme is divided into 5 themes, “Kimono”, “Tea Ceremony”, “Food Culture”, “Cooking Classes”, and “Traditional Crafts”.
We introduce plans that makes your Kyoto trip much more fun. English speaking staff will make a reservation on your behalf. Please feel free to contact us by phone.

Traditional Crafts:Not only you can enjoy experiencing Gold-foil stamping and making traditional Japanese crafts, but also you can enjoy the studio tour.
You will be able to see the beautiful art crafts and Japanese craftmanship right in front of you.

Cooking Classes: You can try out making Japanese food such as Kazarimaki Sushi and Tsukemono. Not to mention enjoying a food tasting, it is also fascinating to be able to reproduce the skill at home.

↑“Tsumaki-Zaiku”, cloth accessories made of Kyoto's silk cloth. Tsumami-Zaiku is one of the handcrafts which originally inherited among Buke (samurai) ladies, it used to be a status symbol to wear it during the period.
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