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Traffic Information for the KYOTO MARATHON 2019

February 06 , 2019

The KYOTO MARATHON 2019 will be held on Sunday, February 17.

Sunday, 17th February is car free day, a day for using public transportation.
Extensive traffic congestion is expected in Kyoto City, as the marathon course will be closed to traffic for several hours. To ensure the passage of emergency vehicles and fixed-route buses, please refrain from driving and use public transportation instead.

Neither cyclists nor pedestrians are allowed to cross the course. Pedestrians are advised to use footbridges or subway underpasses.

Course Area Restricted:
Approx. 8:20-16:30
*These hours may change depending on traffic conditions.

We ask for your cooperation to ensure a safe and smoothly operated marathon.
Thank you.

For more details, please check the following website:

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