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The March Kabuki Program in Kyoto

February 08 , 2019

A Special Kabuki Performance by the legendary Kabuki actor Bandō Tamasaburō

The March kabuki program at the Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto, featuring the legendary ‘onnagata’ (female role specialist) Bandō Tamasaburō, is performed to commemorate the reopening of the Minamiza Theatre. In the first play he reprises one of his most successful roles. The next work is a dance play adapted from a kyōgen comedy depicting the scramble for a sword between a thief and a country yokel played by Bandō Hikosaburō and Bandō Kamezō. The program ends with a kabuki dance first performed in December 2018 at the Kabukiza in Tokyo. Please enjoy the beautiful world created by Tamasaburō.

Act 1 【‘Akoya’ from ‘The War Chronicles at Dannoura’】
The courtesan Akoya is the lover of the fugitive general Kagekiyo. She has been captured and is tortured by the wise Shigetada and the humorous villain Iwanaga in order to find out Kagekiyo's whereabouts, which she claims not to know. Shigetada forces Akoya to play three instruments since the slightest disturbance in the sound would indicate that she is lying. This is a showpiece for an 'onnagata' who must actually play the koto, the bowed kokyū, and the shamisen flawlessly as part of the drama.

Act 2 【A Sword Thief】
This is a comic dance drama in which the thief Kurobē tries to steal a sword from a country bumpkin called Manbē. In the end, each man must describe the origin of the sword to prove that they are the true owner. Kurobē imitates Manbē, but Manbē notices what Kurobē is doing and ...

Act 3 【A Courtesan of the Yoshiwara Pleasure Quarters in the Snow】
This is a brand-new dance, the highlight of which is when the beautiful courtesan, dressed in her gorgeous costume, expresses her deep affection for her beloved. She also describes (in dance) romance in the pleasure quarters, as well as her unfortunate life story. Woven into the lyrics is a description of the four seasons.

March kabuki program at the Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto
Daily: Mar 2 (Sat) - Mar 26 (Tue), 2019
Performance starts: 2:00 PM
*Performances on the 8th (Fri), 15th (Fri) and 22nd (Fri) will start from 6:00 PM.
*No performance on the 7th (Thu), 14th (Thu) and the 20th (Wed)
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