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Traffic Information for the Aoi Matsuri Festival 2019

May 10 , 2019

The Aoi Matsuri Festival procession will be held on Wednesday, May 15th.
This festival is one of Kyoto's Three Great Festivals, along with the Gion and Jidai Matsuri Festivals.
You can watch ancient Kyoto before your very eyes!

Information regarding whether the Aoi Matsuri Festival will be held will be available on this page on 6:30 am on that day.

・Please make use of the public transport to come to the Aoi Matsuri Festival.
・To exit from Kyoto Gyoen National Garden, walk to Karasuma-dori St. (the west side) to avoid a crowd at Sakaimachi gate (the south side) after the parade.
・Please follow the police instructions to prevent accidents.

◎For more information about the Aoi Matsuri Festival, refer to the website below:
Aoi Matsuri Festival 2019

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