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Traffic Information for the 2019 Gion Matsuri Festival - Ato Matsuri, or Latter Festival: Yamahoko Float Procession

July 18 , 2019

Information regarding whether the Gion Matsuri Festival Parade Procession will be held will be available on this page at 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 24th.

・Please make use of the public transport to come to the Gion Matsuri Festival.
・Be sure to rest as needed and to get enough water so you do not get a heatstroke.
・Be prepared for the potential of sudden heavy rain by carrying appropriate rain gear with you.

◎For more information about the Gion Matsuri Festival, refer to the below:
Gion Matsuri Festival

<Procession Course Map>

◎For a comfortable festival experience, reserved seats for the Gion Matsuri Festival are available on Voyagin.