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Zen Meditation

Zazen is a unique form of meditation that functions centrally in Zen Buddhism. So central in fact that Zen Buddhists are generally known as the "meditation Buddhists". Its goals are to calm the body and mind, and experience insight into the nature of existence and thereby gain enlightenment, known as "Satori". One might also say that Zazen is the study of the self.
Zazen meditation is performed seated with legs and hands folded and an erect but settled spine. The legs are folded into standard sitting styles. The hands are folded together into a simple mudra over the belly. One breathes from the "hara", the center of gravity in the belly, with eyelids half-lowered. The reason practitioners' eyes are neither fully open nor shut is so that one is not distracted by outside objects but at the same time is kept awake. Samurai warriors loved Zen culture.
How would you like to experience Zen spirituality in a cultural center such as Kyoto? Precious works of art and beautiful gardens are offered for contemplation and can provide insight into the inner workings of the soul.


Zen Meditation Class

Zen priest guides you to practice Zen meditation and provides a lesson on the significance of Zen as part of the Japanese culture. Zen meditation class is available for a group of 10 or more.

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Private Zen Temple Tour

Join a monk for many Zen-related activities including Zen meditation, copying sutra, breaking down gardens, preach, and gravel raking on a Zen garden in a private temple where no sound distract you. Meet a monk in person. Make the most of the private English guided tour to gain an deeper insight into Zen more than ever.

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Kyoto Daitokuji Experience

How about having a day at Daitokuji which is deeply related to famous samurai warriors from Sengoku period? You can mix and match Photo shooting in kimono, appreciating a private Japanese garden, zen meditation, transcribing sutra, a tea ceremony, and a Japanese vegetarian meal as you like. Please contact us for more information.

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