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Sweets Making and Eating


Japanese Confectionery Making

Make 3 kinds of Japanese sweets with 3 different techniques with an artisan with years of experience. Watch a supreme skill with which he won a national award in the past. English guided private tour.

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Making Gelato Art @Gelato Vene

Use cakes, jelly and other sweets to make Gelato art! Only one in this world. This experience is great for families. After you finish, enjoy your sweets and a drink! Before you taste, don't forget to take photos!

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Sake Jelly Tasting @Gelato Vene

You can learn about Sake, Sake brewing, Sake history, and what kind of rice is used. Next, taste Sake jelly! We shuffle the jellies, and you try to guess "Which one is which". Get the perfect to be a Sake Jelly Samurai!

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Cha-Kabuki High Grade Matcha Gelato Tasting @Gelato Vene

You'll learn about Japanese tea, including the ranks of Matcha and how to appreciate the taste and differences, that even Japanese don't know about. Then we play a little game. Try and be the master of Cha-kabuki!

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