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Ashiyu, which is translated as "the footbath," is becoming popular in Japan. It is a mixed bath where you bathe only your feet while clothed in calf deep water. In mountainous areas, it's easy to find these relaxing places. Often they are located next to an onsen (hot spring) and even in winter, the water is warm. There are many places with ashiyu baths. Ask your hotel / inn for information about nearby ashiyu.

Foot bath at Arashiyama Station
Recently, the foot bath at Keifuku Railway's Arashiyama Station has been regarded as a popular tourist spot.
Arashiyama locals and tourists alike use it to relieve their aching feet. It costs 150 yen per person and includes a towel.
Warming everything from your ankles down, a ten minute dip in the bath is said to give the best results. It is particularly effective at treating nerve pain, digestive problems, and general fatigue.

Contact: Arashiyama Station Hannari-Hokkori Square (in Arashiyama Station on the Keihuku Line)
Tel: 075-873-2121
Entrance Fees: ¥150/person (including an original towel)
Hours: 9:00-20:00 (9:00-18:00 in winter)
Open year round

Onsen are hot springs, usually found in mountainous regions throughout Japan, which have hot sulfur smelling water where people usually bathe sitting or lying down. Onsen are a favorite place to relax after work or on holidays. By soaking in hot water, people can leave work or materialistic issues behind and enjoy the natural scenery surrounding the onsen resort.
Arashiyama Onsen (Ashiyu in Arashiyama station) The ashiyu uses Arashiyama onsen water which is known for healing nerve pain, muscle pain, chronic digestive disease, fatigue, and so on. Bathing for about 10 minutes is most effective.

For more infomation
Kyoto City Council for the Vitalization of ONSEN Tourism

Address: Yunohana onsen, Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture, 621-0036


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