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Maiko dinner show (Enchanted Time with Maiko)

The guests will be having a very rare opportunity whilst they are experiencing some of Kyoto’s everyday moments.
The event takes for 2 hours during the evening in the beautiful Gion district in the middle of Kyoto, and after your busy daytime, it is a chance to enjoy a show and simply relax.
You will be discovering Japanese culture, and also Kyoto’s organic traditions, such as what the difference between a Geiko and a Maiko is; what kimono is, and what tatami is? all by simply joining us.You will also be gaining very rare experiences to chat with a Maiko who sits down just next to you and to play Ozashiki games and capture precious moments on your camera with a Maiko.The time you will be spending at the event will be created by combining our guests, a Maiko, and our excellent is the Enchanted time with Maiko, a totally different experience as you will have our staff, who have an excellent English skill, to hand offering wonderful hospitality for our guests.The communication is the most important key for the guests.It is a very local Kyoto-ish experience for you to enjoy – something very rare but also informal.

Address: 594 Komatsucho Yasakadori Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Tel: 075-741-8727
Access: 7-minute walk from City Bus Stop Kiyomizu-michi/10- minute walk from Gion shi-jo station.
Performance time: Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starting at 6:00pm- 8:00pm.
Entrance Fee: 19,000 JPY/adult, 17,000 JPY/youth, 13,000 JPY/child,

Plan: Enchanted Time with Maiko Main tour
Date: every Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun 6 pm - 8 pm
Price: 19,000/guest
Place: Yasakado-ri Enraku( )
- Meals (8 items course)
- All you can drink drinks (including alcohol)
-One interpreter guide (English)
-Direct conversation with Maiko
-Playing traditional games with Maiko
-Taking photos with Maiko
The price with each ages.
Price: Adult (18 or over) 19,000 JPY
Youth (ages 6 to 17) 17,000JPY
Children (ages 3 to 5) 13,000 JPY
Infant (0 to 2) free


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