Kyoto Travel Guida



A Journey From Kyoto to Kumano

The Heian period (794–1185) was a time of significant advancement for Japan. The arts and literature flourished under the Imperial Court, and Buddhism, Taoism and other influences from China were at their peak.

Spirituality and religion became central to people’s daily lives. Royalty, nobles, warriors and commoners alike made pilgrimages from Kyoto to sacred mountain locations in the Kii Peninsula (Wakayama Prefecture) in search of enlightenment.

The Kii Peninsula remains a popular destination today, attracting travelers in search of natural wonders, peaceful surroundings, 1000-year-old shrines and temples, and often, spiritual awakening.

· Visit UNESCO-listed World Heritage sites
· Discover the origins of Shingon Buddhism and the importance of the Kumano Shinto faith
· Experience interconnected spiritual traditions, sacred mountains and nature
· Travel with ease between Kyoto, Koyasan, Kumano, and Kansai International Airport