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September 29 , 2016

“Bringing Joy to Travelers.”
This site introduces “City of Kyoto Visitors Hosts,” a group of interpretation guides specializing in Kyoto and Kyoto quality.
In addition to having an accommodating attitude and a charming personality, City of Kyoto Visitors Hosts possess specialized knowledge and expertise regarding Kyoto. These interpretation specialists know precisely what it means to have “Kyoto quality.”
Armed with information on not only history, culture, and traditional industries but also all of Kyoto’s other charms, from its products to the residents and their lifestyles, City of Kyoto Visitors Hosts make for the perfect trip companion. Whether for business or pleasure, all visitors are welcome to enjoy the knowledge City of Kyoto Visitors Hosts possess. (Please note that this is a paid service. Some restrictions may apply.)
The symbol is the clematis flower, also known as the “traveler’s joy”. The goal as the City of Kyoto Visitors Hosts is to enrich your experience and bring you joy in your travels. And that this, in turn can help attract more visitors to our city and further develop Kyoto as a tourist destination.