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In Kyoto, you'll find lodging facilities that cater to the various needs of its visitors. If you're looking to have a memorable stay, try a Kyo-machiya, a traditional wooden home renovated for overnight stays. There, you'll be sure to experience what living in Kyoto is like authentically. Some machiya offer Japanese cultural experiences with arts like calligraphy and kimono-wearing. Find your perfect inn, and enjoy some truly unique overnight experiences in Kyoto.

Kyoto Accommodation Award

The City of Kyoto gives awards to "Accommodations Exemplifying the Essence of Kyoto" with the aim of improving safe lodging facilities that lead Japan's tourism development, and exist in harmony with the local community. The goal of these awards is the opening of still more appealing lodging facilities and the improvement of services at those that already exist.

Lodging facilities that are in harmony with the local community and civic life, and contribute to the local economy and community life through cooperation with local neighborhood associations.

Lodging facilities in which Kyoto's culture and traditions are present, and those which offer experiences traditional to Japan to their guests, etc.; and ryokan inns that preserve traditional culture, and preserve and develop the culture and spirit of Japan in Kyoto.


Kyoto Utano Youth Hostel

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Villa Pontocho

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Guesthouse YULULU

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