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Tea Ceremony

Chado or Sado (referred to as "tea ceremony" and "the way of tea") is a traditional ritual influenced by Zen Buddhism. Powdered green tea (matcha) is ceremonially prepared by adding hot water and mixing it with a bamboo whisk. Then it is served to a small group of guests one by one in a Japanese tea room.
You will be amazed that a professional tea practitioner is familiar with not only the production and types of tea, but also with kimono, calligraphy, flower arranging, ceramics, and a wide range of other disciplines and traditional arts. Many of them spend many years and often a lifetime learning the tea ceremony. Participating as a guest and learning about the tea ceremony may be possible by contacting the one of the locations below.


Home Visit Tea Ceremony

Our attendants will take you to the tea master’s home from your hotel. Your master will prepare a bowl of green tea for you and you will enjoy a tea with delicious Japanese sweets. You will learn from a master how to conduct a tea ceremony, the way ordinary Japanese decorate their homes, and how traditional Japanese cultures are practiced at an ordinary home.

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Tea Ceremony @Machiya

Enjoy the authentic tea ceremony in WAK JAPAN’s traditional MACHIYA townhouse. Our tea instructor will welcome you to the traditional tea ceremony and prepare a bowl of green tea. You will learn from our master how to prepare for traditional tea ceremony, how to conduct as a host, and decoration of the tearoom.

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Tea Ceremony @ Tondaya

Three styles of tea room are prepared for our guests. We prepared the tea room for the guests who have difficulties to sit in Japanese style. This room is also decorated like traditional tea room. In this room the guests can sit on chair and enjoy the tea ceremony with comfortable style. We have also a big room for about 30 people to enjoy tea ceremony together.Select your favorite one Kimono from many choices of finest pure silk kimonos and learn the secrets of how to wear and move in a kimono with grace and beauty. Including Town house tour,Japanese lunch.

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Japanese Tea Experience

Learn about the Japanese traditions and culture through a casual tea ceremony and enjoy the authentic tea served with Taizo-in's original confectionary.

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Tea Ceremony@Japanese Garden

Enjoy a traditional ceremony in an exquisite setting, the acclaimed Murin-an garden. Essential for the full experience of a Japanese tea ceremony, a garden invites you to calm down before taking part in the harmonic and aesthetic performance of a bowl of fresh green tea being served. Enjoy the exceptional beauty of the garden and the unique architecture of the tea house and a small balcony.

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Tea ceremony ami180226

Tea Ceremony @Ami Kyoto

Recently matcha green tea has become very popular all around the world. As you may know, matcha plays a very important role in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. However, learning about Japanese tea ceremony means much more than just learning to make matcha. Why was this a necessary practice of samurais and monks in times past? Why is the "ceremony" still carried on today? Why do many foreign residents in Japan devote themselves to it? Come, step into the world of profound spirituality and set your soul free.

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Tea Ceremony @Kyogokoro

Experience tea ceremony, then make matcha tea yourself, and enjoy matcha and Japanese sweets. You can have matcha tea and Japanese sweets during shopping or tours. Tea ceremony experience is also available at temple or tea-ceremony house with additional fee.

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