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Since the streets of Kyoto are narrow, traffic congestion occurs easily during the busy sightseeing seasons. Therefore, sightseeing by bicycle is recommended. We have various types of bicycles from standard bicycles to mountain bikes available for rent. There are also many different cycling tours with guides available to introduce you to hidden locations only accessible by bicycle. By riding down narrow alleyways or taking side trips, you will feel closer to the city of Kyoto on a bicycle.


Exploring Kyoto on Bicycle

Traveling by bicycle enables you to easily visit the sights that survived through ages and to enjoy the townscape along narrow alleys.

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Real Kyoto Back Street Guided Cycling Tour

Cycle through back streets of kyoto with an English-speaking guide, and find real Kyoto which you will miss from cars.

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Kota Kyoto dan Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau ini berusaha untuk memastikan maklumat yang terkandung di dalam laman web ini merupakan yang terkini dan betul. Walau bagaimanapun, kami menafikan sebarang tanggungjawab apa juapun atas mana-mana dan semua tindakan yang diambil oleh pengguna berdasarkan maklumat yang disediakan di laman web ini. Kami tidak bertanggungjawab untuk kandungan pautan luar di laman web ini.

Points of Caution Concerning Bicycle Use in Kyoto

Do not park your bicycle in the street. Bicycle parking is only permitted in bicycle parking areas.

*Bicycles left in the street will be removed. Recovering a removed bicycle costs 2,300 yen.

Bicycles parked near this sign will be removed.

Riding bicycles is prohibited in some busy shopping areas. Please push your bicycle or take a different route. For example: From Yasaka Shrine to Karasuma Sta. (Shijo-dori Street), Kyoto Shiyakusho to the South end of Takashimaya department store, the arcade areas (Teramachi, Shinkyogoku) etc.

The signs prohibiting bicycle riding in Shijo Han'eikai Shopping Street. For detailed rules, consult: