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Japanese Garden

Japanese Gardens are worldwide known for their aesthetic appeal and invite the visitor to have a peaceful and reflective moment. The gardens differ in shape and size, from small inner gardens called Tsuboniwa to large naturalistic gardens around a lake or gardens without any water, so-called Karesansui (Dry garden). In all gardens however, one will find each single element, such as stones, plants or fences, meticulously chosen and placed with effort and care. In a Japanese garden tour, you can learn about the meaning of the elements and how they altogether create the calming and soothing effect of the Japanese gardens. In comparison to western gardens, not only the current shape of the garden but also the harmony with the environment, like surrounding mountains, as well as its history and original garden vision are paid attention to. In a Kyoto garden tour, you can find out more about the history of Japanese gardens and the techniques of nurturing and maintenance.


Garden Craftsmen Tour@Murin-an Garden

This is a rare if not the only chance in Kyoto to be guided by the master of a garden, the artisan who sees the ever-changing shape of the garden. Enjoy a special tour by one of our garden craftsmen, sharing with you the garden’s richness and how it is taken care of.

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