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Japanese Sake (Beer) Tasting

Sake (also known as Nihonshu) is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, koji (often translated as rice malt or yeast made from rice) and water. It resembles white wine in appearance, ranging from almost transparent to slightly yellow in coloration. The alcohol content is typically about 10-20%. Sake can be enjoyed either hot or cold.
There are countless regional varieties of sake. Kyoto’s soft water has long been the lifeblood of the breweries of the Fushimi district, one of Japan’s oldest and most prominent centers of sake production.
There is a unique regional rule in Kyoto City which is called “日本酒で乾杯- Raise toasts with Nihonshu“ and which was begun in 2013. The purpose of this rule is to promote various traditional industries in Kyoto with the refined taste of Nihonshu (sake) and to contribute to Japanese culture.
Please enjoy learning about Nihonshu (sake) by visiting Kyoto, one of the sake capitals of Japan!


Sake Brewery Tour

Visit a sake brewery to discover how the drink of the nation is made through a factory tour. Sake on different conditions as temperatures, polishing rate, and aging period will be served for tasting. This is an English-guided private tour, so you really can learn a lot by communicating with someone in charge of the brewery. In the end you'll be able to order a type of sake you like in a Japanese restaurant.

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Craft Beer Tour

Visit a small craft beer brewery which has won big accolades globally. Watch two brewers producing beers before hitting a bar to drink their beers and local foods selected to match each character of the beverage. The experience is English guided and held for one party of 2 to 4. Available days are Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Kyoto Insider Sake Experience

Insider Sake Brewery Tour + Sake Tasting and food pairing with an expert in Fushimi sake District. If you like sake but don’t know what to select or want to know more, join us and let’s dive deep into the world of sake. 

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