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Families with Kids

Traveling to Kyoto with your family is sure to be a trip you will never forget. However, for kids, sitting through a two hour full course Japanese style meal or doing a zen experience at a temple can be quite boring. We are here to help with just that sort of problem. With our services, kids and parents can both enjoy their time, meaning your entire family can enjoy their Kyoto experience!


Kyoto with Kids Club

Perfect for when you want to spend a few hours without kids! Located in central Kyoto in a kid friendly space, kids can experience a different culture through playing while parents go out on their own to experience Kyoto sightseeing without kids.

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Kyoto with Kids - Babysitting

Perfect for when you want to enjoy a romantic dinner without kids! Our professional English speaking babysitter will take care of your kids in your hotel room. During that time you can enjoy your time such as an evening out in Kyoto.

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Kyoto with Kids Family Tours

Perfect for making memories your family will never forget. Local moms who know the best places to go with kids have created tours which are guaranteed to be fun for the entire family.

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