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Nihon Buyo, Japanese Dance

Nihon buyo is a generic term for Japanese dance. It first originated in the early Edo Period (17th century) by borrowing from Kabuki (a traditional stage drama). Ever since Nihon buyo has incorporated and refined various new techniques.
Among the two most important Nihon buyo, one is "Kabuki dance" which uses many elements of Kabuki stage, and the other is Kamigata-mai which developed in Kamigata (the Kyoto & Osaka areas) after being influenced by Noh. Both dances are performed to the accompaniment of a Shamisen (Japanese lute), but Kabuki dance has more dynamic and vigorous movements, while Kamigata mai shows restraint and can be performed in a very small area.
Nihon buyo is very different from Western dance forms in that, while Western dances usually have very vigorous movements and leaping, Nihon buyo dancers move quietly in shuffling motions.
There are several famous schools of Nihon buyo, where predominantly female trainees practice in kimono to obtain "Natori" (stage title) qualification.


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