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Tetsugaku-no-michi Street

The Philosopher's Walk is a pleasant stroll path that runs alongside a canal in the shadow of the eastern mountains between Ginkaku-ji Temple (the Silver Pavilion) and the Nyakuoji Bridge. It passes very close to Anraku-ji Temple and Honen-in Temple, two quiet and picturesque temples that are less visited than Ginkaku-ji Temple.
The Walk is renowned across Japan for its beautiful spring cherry blossoms, which overhang the path like a canopy. The path was a favorite place for several well-known figures, including the famous philosopher Nishida Kitaro.

Access: City Bus Stops Eikan-do-mae or Ginkaku-ji


Gear theatre

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Togetsu-kyo Bridge

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Kyoto Nishiki Food Market

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Samurai Kembu Theater - Traditional Swordplay and Performance

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