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Taxis abound throughout the city and can be hailed any time day or night. In some of the more frequented areas of the city there are also designated taxi stops, or cab ranks, where drivers wait at the curb. The normal fare is ¥630 for the first two kilometers, and more for additional distances. There is a 20% surcharge for late-night fare.

Yasaka Limousine & Taxi Service Corp.

Our specialty is limousines with highly-trained chauffeurs who speak English or Mandarin, language services are offered at no extra charge.
Free Fi-Wi access available in its vehicles between Kyoto and Kansai International Airport.

Tailor-made itineraries upon your request
Exclusive with introduction-only restaurants reservations
Reservations for audience with Maiko and Geiko at tea houses
Helping you visit hidden gardens and have special experiences in Kyoto
All extra services are free of charge to vehicle hire
Please contact us now
-Tel.: +81-(0)75-842-1214

MK Taxi

In addition to a regular taxi service, services including bus charters and limousine arrangements are also available.
-Tel.: +81-(0)75-778-4141

Foreign Friendly TAXI

The certification system of a taxi for non-Japanese passengers (Foreign Friendly TAXI) is a newly established for the first ever at Kyoto Station.

You can have a Foreign Friendly Taxi dispatched by using the Taxi dispatching application, "Japan Taxi".

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