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Flower Arrangement

Kado, which literally means "The Way of Flowers", is the Japanese art of arranging flowers. The practice started in ancient times when flowers were arranged as offerings to a god or Buddha. In the 15th or 16th century, a new style of architecture incorporating an alcove became popular, and it became tradition to place arranged flowers in the alcove to accentuate the room. Kyoto is also the home of Kado, and there are many flower arrangement schools with their heads actively supporting this traditional art.
Depending on the type of vase used (whether a shallow plate-shaped vase or jar-shaped vase), people use different styles of arranging flowers. Two of the most famous styles are "Moribana" (three-dimensional flower arranging) or "Nageire" (casually arranged flowers). "Moribana" usually requires "Kenzan" (needle point holder) and a pair of scissors specially designed for flower arranging.
The Japanese flower arrangement creates a harmony of linear construction, rhythm, and color. While western flower arrangements tend to place more emphasis on the beauty of the blossoms themselves, Japanese flower arrangement emphasizes that flowers and plants should be used in their natural state as much as possible. To enjoy flower arrangement, advance booking is essential as materials must be prepared in advance. Discover and enjoy the differences between arrangement in Japan and the West!


Flower Arrangement @Machiya

At WAK JAPAN’s townhouse, our Ikebana master will show you how to cut stems, leaves, and arrange flowers in vases beautifully. Our instructor will provide you about the history of Ikebana as well as the difference between Ikebana and flower arrangement in the west.

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Home Visit Flower Arrangement

Enjoy Ikebana at our master’s house. Our attendant will take you to the master’s house from your hotel. Once you arrive at the master’s house, you will immediately notice that Ikebana arrangements are placed in various areas of the house. You will learn how the Japanese incorporate Ikebana into their everyday life.

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Ikebana ami180226

Ikebana @Ami Kyoto

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. This traditional and formal art may seem esoteric, but this is not the case. Anyone is capable of creating a fantastic work of art by themselves after acquiring the basic concepts and fundamental skills of this art. Learning ikebana promotes a better understanding of the Japanese view of nature; a crucial step in appreciating the unique aesthetics, emotions and thoughts that merge to create this visual art form. Since you have travelled to this "strange island" it would be a waste not to experience our genuinely unique culture!

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Flower Arrangement @Kyogokoro

Experience flower arrangement with the guidance of instructors and keep the flowers.

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