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Although kimono are the best known article of Japan's traditional dress, the Japanese people usually only wear kimono on special occasions. This results from the complicated rules regarding how to wear a kimono, and the difficulty with dressing in a kimono.
However, in the summer, Japanese often wear a simpler type of kimono known as the "Yukata." Kimono and yukata are very similar but kimono are made of silk while yukata are made of cotton. The yukata is the most casual type of kimono for summer use. It is easier to wear than other varieties.
In recent years the yukata has become popular among young people, and the sight of couples wearing yukata on dates is not uncommon. Simple yukata are also prepared for use as nightgowns in the traditional Japanese inns known as "Ryokan." As there are no formal rules regarding how to wear yukata, wearing one can be enjoyed by anyone. Attaching corsages or broaches to the obi (kimono sash) or wearing sandals instead of geta (wooden clogs), are just some of the things that are possible.
Why not enjoy the Kyoto summer in a yukata?


Kimono Wearing @Machiya

You have variety of Kimono to choose from, and we have various sizes of Kimono for all body types. You will definitely find a Kimono that you will fall in love with. Once you select the Kimono, we will explain and show you how to put on kimono properly.

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Home Visit Kimono Wearing

Experience the formal wearing of Kimono and visit the Japanese home. You have an opportunity to wear formal style of Japanese Kimono made from pure silk. Your attendant will take you to the local Japanese home from your hotel.

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Kimono @ Tondaya

Select your favorite one from many choices of finest pure silk kimonos and learn the secrets of how to wear and move in a kimono with grace and beauty.

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Gion Kimono Tour

Try authentic kimono (yukata in summer) and enjoy walking around the traditional Gion district.

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Budget-friendly kimono (and/or yukata in summer) rental with optional outdoor photography package near downtown & Kyoto Station. Multi-lingual service available: English, Japanese, Chinese & Korean.

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One of a few places in Kyoto with Chinese & English service available to experience the gorgeous Japanese traditional formal attire called Furisode. Various price brackets and packages to broaden your choices.

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Junihitoe @ Iyasaka

Welcome to the Elegant World of the Heian Period. Experience the ancient grace of traditional Japanese culture. Dress yourself in Heian –Period costumes and imagine the elegant life of the people in those days. What an amazing opportunity ! We have some kind of Heian Costumes.

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Putting on a KIMONO(Everyday Kimono)

You can choose from more than 150 pieces, the komon.You can go out and enjoy the city of Kyoto.Hair styling, make-up, photos not included.

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Emondo Miyabi Yuki

Emondo Miyabi Yuki is staffed by kimono professionals who can provide you and your group high-quality kimono related services! This costume has many layers and was worn during the Heian era by members of the imperial court. Transform into Japanese nobility during your visit to Kyoto! There are also kimonos for men and children. Kimono and yukata rental price are the same. You can put on your choice kimono by one of the professional staff. It's easy and not tight. Please pick from a variety of beautiful antique and modern kimono. Light weight summer kimono and yukata available. It is possible to book from one person to a group.

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Onedaykimono a

One Day Kimono Photo Shoot Tour A

Join a private tour of kimono wearing and hands on experience out together. Experience two kinds of cultural activities while in kimono. A hired cameraman captues moments you shine. 9 plate local cuisine for lunch.

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Onedaykimono b

One Day Kimono Photo Shoot Tour B

Join a private tour of kimono wearing and hands on experience out together. Experience two kinds of cultural activities while in kimono. A hired cameraman captues moments you shine. Multi course tofu cuisine for lunch.

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Kimono dressing @Kyogokoro

No need to prepare anything for Kimono dressing, all items are included. Special offers for the groups (more than 20 people in Kyoto and 30 people in areas other than Kyoto), we can dress you in Kimonos at any city in Japan. (Maximum: 600)

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