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Origami (Paper folding)

Origami, one of the Japan's unique arts, is now famous throughout the world. Square pieces of paper are folded into various shapes such as birds, animals or flowers.
Simple Origami originated in the 6th or 7th century when the method of paper production was introduced from China. Over time, paper instead of cloth began to be used for wrapping gifts. This marked the beginning of wrapping things more beautifully and artistically.
Origami is said to have been practiced in the 12th century. In 17th century, an Origami textbook, showing how to fold cranes, plants and dolls, was published. Later, small pieces of square shaped colored paper started being sold for the purpose of origami. Origami also became a means of teaching young children artistic work. Origami is now enjoyed world-wide not only by children but also by adults as an art.
Probably the most famous origami design is the Japanese crane. The crane is considered auspicious in Japanese culture and anyone folding a thousand paper cranes can make their wish come true. Thus, a thousand folded cranes are often given to a person who is hospitalized in the hope the person will soon recover.


Origami @Machiya

Origami involves creation of paper forms entirely by folding. Popular objects are animals, birds, fish, puppets, and toys. At WAK JAPAN’s traditional townhouse, our Origami master will teach you have to make various models by just folding a paper. This is a wonderful program for all ages.

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Home Visit Origami

Enjoy folding paper at Origami master’s home. Your attendant will take you to the master’s home from your hotel. The origami master will show you how to make various models by just folding a paper. Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding.

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