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"Rafting is a great fun outdoor sports with a thrilling riding a large rubber boat of eight people, wearing safety equipment such as a life jacket, a helmet and holding a paddle in the hand. Besides, there are plenty of fun events such as swimming torrents on the way down river and jumping out of the rocks!"


Rafting @ Bigsmile.corp

Big Smile is hosting a rafting tour at 6 bases nationwide. Since it is widely operating all over the country with Kyoto Hozu River, Tokushima Yoshino River, Kochi Yoshino River, Gifu Nagara River, Tokyo Okutama River, SaitamaNagatoro river, it makes it easier for people wherever live in to experience rafting. As a result of pursuing our policy of providing safe, fun and reliable rafting to our customers, thanks to our customers we could have grown that we have six rafting centers and one reservation center.

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