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Hokan-ji Temple

Hokan-ji Temple is known colloquially as Yasaka-no-to (Yasaka Pagoda). It is a 46-meter tall pagoda with graceful, sloping roofs on each tier, which lies in the middle of an old Kyoto neighborhood, between Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Yasaka-jinja Shrine. It is one of the unexpected treasures that reward the person on a casual stroll through the Higashiyama District.

Visitors are allowed inside to marvel at the tower's architecture, statues and fading paintings. Originally built by the Imperial Prince Shotoku in 589, the pagoda is said to have been inspired by a dream.

* Address: 388 Yasaka Kami-machi, Kiyomizu Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City

* Tel.: +81-(0)75-551-2417

* Fax: +81-(0)75-551-2417

* Access: 5-minute walk from City Bus Stops Higashiyama-Yasui or Kiyomizu-michi

* Parking not available at the temple.
Parking available at Ryozen Kannon Pay Carpark (5-minute walk)

* Wheelchair Accessible: No

* Hours: 10:00 - 16:00

* Entrance fees: 400 yen (*free for under elementary school students)

* Holiday: Not fixed

* Time needed for viewing: About 30 minutes



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