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Gear theatre

Non-Verbal Entertainment
GEAR Kyoto

¡Seven+ years running and more than 200,000 visitors and 2,500 performances!

What is GEAR?

A long-running show, the first of its kind in Japan, GEAR is contemporary non-verbal entertainment that combines a superb cast with high technology to tell a story for all humankind about the power of touch.

Set in a broken toy factory in the future, robot workers encounter a doll that comes to life, taking them on a journey to discover their humanity…

With an engaging story and lovable characters, GEAR has shown through its continuing six-year run a phenomenal level of acclaim from a wide range of audience members, encompassing overseas visitors to retirees, toddlers to adult professionals.

With an engaging story and lovable characters, GEAR is a show not to be missed.

GEAR Highlights

Non-Verbal Entertainment with Extraordinary Performers
Using just facial expression and movements, the performers at GEAR show a surprising range of subtlety and emotion. Surpassing language barriers and stimulating the senses, award-winning artists in mime, break dance, juggling, and magic give dynamic and breathtaking performances that make GEAR the most fun and entertaining ninety minutes in all the city of Kyoto.

On the vanguard of stage design, GEAR has been recognized by stage technicians from around the world for the creative use of new technologies. Encompassing a span from the lobby to the stage, the set design immerses the audience in a different world, and hidden effects interact with the performers in unexpected ways.
Projection mapping
Projection mapping is used to fit the shapes and sizes of the stage and objects, creating a lighting effect covering the whole space from all directions. Since the tryouts in 2010, projection mapping has been an essential element of GEAR.
LED dress
A special dress with hundreds of hidden multicolored LEDs, which are controlled from a distance by a customized software wifi network is featured within the show. The LEDs light up and change colors according to the music and dance steps, presenting a special visual experience.

Lasers, special stage lighting, and other effects combine to dazzle with a spectrum of 16 million colors.

Kyoto GEAR

GEAR is in the heart of Kyoto on Sanjô St in the historic Art Complex 1928 building. The art-deco style of the windows and balconies recalls the Kyoto of 1928, when it was built, and has been designated by the government as a Cultural Property. Sanjô St. is well known for its distinctive Kyoto restaurants and shops, and is only a few minutes walk from many of the most historic areas of the city.

Showtimes and Tickets


Show Times:
Wednesday and Fridays at 2pm and 7pm
Monday, Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays at 1pm and 6pm

ART COMPLEX 1928 (near Sanjo Kawaramachi crossing, Kyoto)


■Contact Information:
GEAR Information
1928 Blg. 3F, 56 Benkeiishi-cho,
Nakagyo, Kyoto, 604-8082
TEL: 075-254-6520(10am-7pm)
Website: http://www.gear.ac/en


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